Need Graphics for Your Heavy Vehicles and Industrial Equipment?

Posted on: March 26, 2020

We carry out a fair amount of work for companies that use heavy duty equipment and vehicles. Like every business, branding their equipment is an essential part of their marketing. Even if the equipment stays on site, branding lends the company a sense of professionalism and gives it a visible identity and personality.

We recently traveled up to Derby to fit graphics on equipment and vehicles belonging to Sheppard Piling. Based in Surrey, Sheppard Piling is one of the UK’s leading piling contractors and work on some very substantial projects.

The photos show some of the graphics as fitted:

In our previous work for Sheppard Piling, we fitted graphics to the rig they’re using on the Riverside Stand extension at Fulham FC.

Mirage Signs carries out a lot of work for companies in the extractive and construction sectors, including The Hills Group.

Customers like Sheppard Piling and The Hills Group need graphics that can stand up to challenging environments. That’s why Mirage Signs only use the best quality materials for application and guarantee that the vinyls will stay colourfast for at least five years. When vinyl graphics have the advantage of being removable at a later date without any damage to paintwork.

Whether you’re looking to brand your heavy equipment or just your vans, get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.


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