Ten brilliantly pointless and confusing signs

Posted on: September 16, 2016

We love terrible signs. Not creating them (obviously), but as professional sign makers, we get a kick from seeing some of the truly silly examples that are out there.

So to help your Firday afternoon along, we’ve found ten examples of wonderfully rubbish signs. They’re either completely pointless or manage to contradict their own very simple messages. Enjoy.

Confusing in stock sign

Credit: f.funday24.com

We’ve blogged before about how getting the right business signs can boost revenue. However, we don’t recommend this approach. Somewhere, the gods of logic are crying.


Don't sit on fence - Mirage signs

Credit: worldtimes24.com

Look, we’re all in favour of safety signs. But come on, who exactly is going to be sitting on there? Edward II? (Google is your friend!)


Confusing one-way sign

Credit: Pinterest nstr

Imagine driving into an unfamiliar town and being confronted with this beauty. What on Earth would you do? We vote this as the sign most likely to send your anxiety levels soaring.


As door signs go, this is not the most useful. Surely, staff and visitors is… everyone. At least they didn’t pay a sign maker to create it.


Confusing entrance sign

Credit: oddee.com

Here’s another nice dilemma for the visitor. Don’t blame the sign maker – both signs are clear, direct and unambiguous. It would just be better if they weren’t on the same door.


confusing entrance sign

Credit: thuglifer.com

Now you can blame the sign maker. Possibly. Or maybe that was exactly what the client asked for. Either way, it’s really hard to picture someone looking at this design and saying, ‘Yep, that looks fine to me.’


Open 7 days van sign

Credit: uniquerishta.com

We don’t want to be cruel, but we presume the owner is known as ‘Shorty’, because he’s short on common sense. The nice thing is that Shorty draws attention to his pointless point with no less than four exclamation marks.


Ironic Pacific Bell sign

Credit: vitamin-ha.com

Is this offering from Pacific Bell being clever? Or did someone not think this through? Based on the other offerings, we think it’s probably the latter.


Ferocious exit sign

Credit: smileguru.in

Yessir, that’ll teach them! They won’t try that again! This one falls into an additional category of ‘lamest sanctions’.


Sharp-edged sign

Credit: oddee.com

And finally, our very, very favourite. What is this all about? This sign performs no useful function. It exists to justify it’s own existence. Are comparisons with various members of the government inevitable?


Proper signage from Mirage Signs

We hope we never make a sign or graphic that ends up on a blog post like this one. We admit our signs aren’t great for giggles, but they’re fantastic for businesses, local authorities, hospitals and many other sectors. Chat to us today about your requirements.




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