Vehicle Graphics: A Simple, Effective Way of Marketing Your Business

Posted on: September 18, 2018

Here’s a quick question: what’s the best way for a small business owner to market their service?

Search this online and you’ll come away thinking that it’s all to do with social media, email campaigns, creating a ‘buzz’ and other online solutions. And it’s true that this sort of marketing has its place and can be really powerful.

But for many thousands of small businesses, there is a really simple method of offline marketing that’s remarkably cost-effective: vehicle graphics. Displaying your brand, contact details and perhaps a key message on your vehicle is a powerful way of reaching new customers.

Vehicle Graphics for Trades

For tradespeople in particular, vehicle graphics are the gift that never stops giving. Every time you’re on the move – whether it’s between jobs or commuting home –  you’re increasing awareness of your brand. Your vehicle becomes a familiar sight, letting people know that you’re busy (always a good sign!) and active in your area.

When you park up outside a house, your vehicle becomes a kind of pop-up shop. Neighbours may come over to make enquiries, or jot down your number.

Not only that, but you’re a reminder of the problems that need solving. A plumber’s van, for example, brings to mind the dodgy flush on the loo that needs fixing.

Your Vehicle Targets the Right Area for You

Vehcile graphics mean that you automatically target the right area for your business. Unless you’re taking a holiday in your company vehicle,  you’re always advertising to people who live in the same area you’re working in! If this sounds obvious, just compare marketing on the internet, where it’s actually quite difficult to target people in a particular town or region.

The vans in our gallery are just two examples of dozens of vehicle graphics we’ve completed. They are part of our bread-and-butter work for one simple reason: small businesses know that vehicle graphics work.

Mirage Signs Ltd produce graphics for all types of vehicle: from HGV and Fleet Vehicles to aircraft, vans to agricultural equipment. Based in Warminster, Wiltshire, we supply vehicle signage locally, nationally and internationally. To find out what we can do for your business, get in touch today.


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