Uneven Walls and Facing the Wind & Rain — Two Tricky Signage Installations

Posted on: February 19, 2020

No matter what field you work in, you know how it is when you start a job:

  • some are just plain sailing from start to finish
  • some that should be easy turn out to be tricky
  • some that you think will be tricky turn out to be easy
  • some that you think will be challenging are exactly that!

We recently tackled two jobs that for very different reasons were a little harder than average. Not that you’d know it from our amazing team, who take everything in their stride.

The first was for Vivalis Beauty, a Trowbridge-based company that creates and develops innovative beauty brands. We installed this striking shape-cut, powdered aluminium lettering, as well as the company logo:

The white wall has a cool textured finish that’s made up of raised pyramidal (or rhomboidal, or something-al) shapes. As you can imagine, it would be very easy to get the spacings and angles of the letters wrong — which wouldn’t look good. Fortunately, the team are experienced at installing on all sorts of surface, so with the help of some threaded pillars and some very careful measuring, we achieved the results that you see.

Of course Mirage Signs don’t just do the nice warm jobs inside. We also install exterior signs, at varying heights.

Take this installation for Ricky Fenby Ltd in Frome. The company specialises in van sales and repair and was one of Car Gurus’ top-rated dealers in 2018. We were commissioned to manufacture and install panels for their new premises:

Now, we’ve installed signs at greater heights than these, but the difficulty was carrying at the work in the wind and rain. That’s not much fun when you’re standing on a hydraulic lift! Nevertheless, the installation went ahead for another good result.

The take-home message: if you need signage in a less-than-straightforward location, get in touch with our friendly team. We have the experience to find a solution.



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