Roadside Signs That Capture Passing Trade

Posted on: November 18, 2019

Many businesses that depend on passing trade face the same problem — they only have a moment to capture attention.

It’s difficult enough where passers-by are on foot, but much harder when they’re in cars.

For these businesses, good signage can make all the difference.

Our work at The Grill House

A great example of this is The Grill House at Tintinhull. This American Diner is on a busy stretch of the A303. For the business to attract passing trade, the signage needs to be simple, eye-catching and attractive.

As part of the diner’s refurbishment, we were commissioned to produce:

  • roadside signs, as well as signage on the building itself
  • 3D shape lettering onto tray panels for the wall
  • additional wall signs, lightbox prints and menu panels

You can see the results below:

We think that the road sign looks striking and will do a great job at alerting motorists that tasty food is nearby! In addition, the bright building signage really stands out against the dark background.

If your café, diner or restaurant is in need of a makeover, our signs can complete your new look. We can design, produce and install an enormous range of signage, including:


Capture more passing trade

If your business relies on passing trade, we can provide a smart modern sign to get your message out there. Please get in touch to discuss your needs — our experienced team will be happy to help.



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