Our recent Work: Vinyl Registration Markings for a Light Aircraft

Posted on: July 18, 2019

At Mirage Signs, we regularly supply (and apply) vinyl graphics and registration letters for various types of aircraft. Amongst our jobs, we’ve been lucky enough to work on some fantastic light aircraft. These have included a YAK-29 aerobatic plane at White Waltham Airfield and a BRM Aero Bristell NG5 at Farnam.

A few weeks back, we were back on an airfield again, this time to change the registration on a light aircraft from Italian to UK. Incidentally, this is just one reason why vinyl decals are a better option than painting an aircraft: when it’s time to make a change, vinyl is faster and more cost-effective to update.

The aircraft in question was a beautiful Tecnam P2010. Italian design has long been associated with flair and elegance and Tecnam’s four-seater is no exception. Take a look:

To complement its good looks, the Tecnam P2010 has a range of 759 miles and cruises at 147mph. If we could only fit some ladders on the top, we’d be trading in the vans!

We worked on the Tecnam at Blackbushe Airport, just off the M3 and close to Farnborough. It’s an aerodrome with a long and interesting history, dating back to 1942 when it was first used as an RAF base. Now under private ownership, Blackbushe is still thriving — when we were arrived, the airfield was busy and we had to be escorted to the plane by fire tender!

A sunny day, a fantastic-looking plane to work on…what more could we ask for?

If you need registration letters for aircraft, gliders, ultralights and microlights, please get in touch. We can supply all graphics taped and ready to apply (along with instructions on applying them) or apply them ourselves.



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