Just a Typical Day: Signs for Warminster, Westbury, Frome, the Falkland Islands…

Posted on: April 22, 2019

Life at Mirage Signs can be summed up in two words: busy and varied.

Take this typical day from a few weeks ago.

We started by fitting three facia signs for local businesses. We produce a range of facia signs and can work with existing branding or design the sign from scratch.

Two of the signs are for Warminster businesses, and one for nearby Frome in Somerset. Supplying signage for local businesses continues to be a major part of our work. In fact, if you walk around our local towns, you don’t have to go very far to find one of our creations!

Next up was five sets of aircraft graphics to be despatched. We’ve blogged about our aircraft graphics recently, and continue to produce them on a regular basis. One set of these were sent out to the Falkland Islands!

We’ve also produced two fireproof stainless steel plates also destined for the Falkland Islands. And as we’re talking about our work with plaques, we’ll just sneak in a photo of a beautiful engraved brass plaque we produced for Warminster School.

Then it was off to nearby Westbury to deliver signs to three more customers and finally a large site sign quotation for a bakery in Devizes!

Phew, all in a day’s work. Today’s nearest customer was within walking distance of the office and the furthest was 8,000 miles away. That’s even further than our recent signs sent to Ascension Island.

Maybe we should have some fancy new by-line to reflect what we do. Something like
Mirage Signs: the local signmaking company with a global reach. What do you think?

Mirage Signs Ltd design, produce and fit a massive range of signage, from menu boards to van graphics, from aircraft decals to fingerposts. Please contact us for a chat about your signage needs.


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